Fair trade of Asian products

Through the sale of Asian fair trade products in Spain, we demonstrate our commitment to a better distribution of wealth in the world, and our solidarity towards the developing countries. We sell garments for men and women, gifts, home textiles and costume jewelery.

Most of them have been handcrafted with natural fibers in small workshops in India, and not in large factories as it happens with big firms. In addition, I must say that the products have been imported directly to Spain to us, without going through intermediaries. All of them are handmade, something rare nowdays, but we bet for it, because it creates work and makes each product unique and special, doesn’t it?

For your information, we paid for all the articles the corresponding taxes and fees, because previously we had a physical store and business in Burgos called Origin India. In addition, the price is affordable, accessible to all.

Our retail sale is minority and peculiar. We do not have any store at the school to try on clothes, but we will be present at some flea market. You also can request us  information by email or Whasapp.

Blusa bordada 20€, talla 40 Camisa mujer 23,90  €, algodón estampado a mano, tallas 36 a 48 (3) Vestido rayón 19,90 €, tallas 36 a 46

Camisa hombre estampada de algodón 24,50€ Camisa estampada algodón a mano 27€ Camisa cuello mao hombre algodón, 20 €, de la 36 a la 46

pañuelos de seda natural estampados, cuadrados 14€ y fulares 13€. Todos distintos.




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